EDIN members have produced a series of peer-reviewed publications since 2005, and a further Emerging Issues edited publication is currently being planned.

Emerging Issues in the Practice of University Learning and Teaching was published in 2005 by All Ireland Society for Higher Education (AISHE). The book, edited by Geraldine O Neill, Sarah Moore and Barry Mc Mullin, was written by members of the then recently formed EDIN group. It gave a voice to a new profession in higher education in Ireland, that of the Educational Developer, and evidenced the contribution that this profession could make both nationally and internationally. Emerging Issues I is available here.

Emerging Issues II, published in 2008, was edited by Bettie Higgs and Marian McCarthy. This second book was very much concerned with the changing roles and identities of teachers and learners in higher education. The text built on Emerging Issues I and on publications in this area from Ireland in the intervening years. Emerging Issues II is available here.

2013 saw the publication of Emerging Issues III, edited by Ciara O’Farrell and Alison Farrell. The book is subtitled from capacity building to sustainability and is a collection of 16 chapters from 32 authors, representing 12 Irish Higher Education Institutions; it also contains 15 international commentaries. The book is evidence of the valuable work currently being undertaken in teaching and learning in Irish Higher Education and a celebration of these achievements. Emerging Issues III is available here.

The Emerging Issues books have been made available under the Creative Commons licence (http://creativecommons.org/).

Most recently, in 2015, EDIN members in collaboration with our colleagues in AISHE edited a special issue of AISHE-J (the AISHE peer-reviewed open access journal) on the theme of leadership in academic and educational development in higher education. AISHE-J Vol. 7 No. 1 is available here.