EDIN will be running a new series of events for the 2017-18 academic year. Please watch this space!

EDIN’s programme of work for the 2016-17 academic year was generously supported by the National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education and we acknowledge their support here.

Objectives for this year Outcomes Impact
Support professional development of academic staff in HEI’s through enhancing the practice of academic developers in relation to assessment Workshop on 22nd April, facilitated by Dr Ivan Moore, Improving Assessment Strategies: A Strategic Approach, where EDIN members explored own institutions’ practices in context of international best practice.

Workshop on 20th June titled The Y1Feedback Project  – Findings So Far & Implications for Practice, facilitated by Lisa O’Regan and Morag Munro, hosted by Griffith College Dublin. Project team facilitated a round table type forum looking at assessment and the role of the Educational Developer.

Improve quality of assessment in home institutions as a result of best practice overview and dialogue as a group of academic staff.
Assist members in publishing and disseminating their knowledge and expertise Website continues to be enhanced with the aim of using it as a collaborative tool to assist this objective. In addition, the workshop in November 2016 scoped out a possible EDIN publication on the national Professional Development Framework. Planned EDIN publication
Maintain an effective website and social media framework for communication and sharing of best practice. New EDIN logo designed. Website undergoing enhancement. Active Twitter feed. Relaunch of website. Growing Twitter audience.
Encourage increased and ongoing professionalization of teaching Professional Development Framework: A Workshop Approach facilitated by Dr Marion Palmer in the Ashling Hotel on 24th November 2016. EDIN commitment to take part in pilot project as a second level pilot group with Dr Mark McGlynn as Project Co-Ordinator and Dr Fiona O’Riordan and NFPDEG Mentor. A report on the workshop was produced by Dr Marion Palmer and circulated to members. Report circulated to members. Pilot work on-going.
AGM and workshop on Digital Badges Our AGM was held at NUI Galway on 15th May 2017. We combined this meeting with a workshop on Digital Badges, facilitated by Dr Iain MacLabhrainn. This focused on how people might plan and design digital badges aligned with the new Professional Development Framework. We also marked the formal launch of the new EDIN website at this meeting. New website live. Participants planned potential new digital badges.

Previous Activities

Since its launch, we have used our website to record our work undertaken annually. If you are interested in previously completed projects, workshops and publications you can read a full summary of EDIN’s work 2003-present.