Biographical notes

1. The Changing Roles and Identities of Teachers and Learners in Higher Education in Ireland: Introduction.
Bettie Higgs and Marian McCarthy

2. Writing Identity through the Educational Developers in Ireland Network (EDIN).
Ciara O’Farrell 

3. Mature Cynics and Fledgling Eclectics: Elaborating Instructional Design for the Net Generation.
David Jennings and Diane Cashman 

4. Promoting Integrative Learning in First-year Science.
Bettie Higgs (PDF)

5. The Journey to High Level Performance: Using Knowledge on the Novice-Expert Trajectory to Enhance Higher Education Teaching.
Sarah Moore, Geraldine O’Neill and Terry Barrett

6. Integrating Concepts of Integrative Learning.
Bettie Higgs and Brendan Hall

7. Strategies for Implementing Group Work in Large Classes: Lessons from Enquiry-Based Learning.
Geraldine O’Neill and Ivan Moore

8. Supporting Graduate Teaching Assistants at Trinity College Dublin.
Jacqueline Potter and Orla Hanratty

9. Teaching for Understanding for Lecturers: Towards a Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.
Marian McCarthy

10. Encouraging Student Creativity in Higher Education.
Terry Barrett and Roisin Donnelly

11. Reflections on Conversations as a Catalyst for Change 2003-2007.
Marion Palmer and Conor Heagney

12. The Changing Role of the Academic Library in Learning and Teaching.
Helen Fallon and Ellen Breen

13. The Role of a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) in the Teaching of an Accredited Module in Information Literacy Skills.
Claire McAvinia, Helen Fallon and Mairéad McQuaid

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A note on the text:
Emerging Issues II was produced with support from The National Academy for Integration of Research & Teaching & Learning (NAIRTL), a SIF-funded collaborative initiative between University College Cork (lead partner), Cork Institute of Technology, National University of Ireland Galway, Trinity College Dublin and Waterford Institute of Technology.